Yahoo Answers 05-20-14

What are the solutions to the system.. please help? y=x^2-6x+7 y=-x+13 A. (-1,14) and (6,7) B. (-1,7) and (6,14) C. (-1,13) and (6,7) D. no solution At the intersection x and y will be the same. These are already solved for y. It's solve by substitution. -x+13=x^2-6x+7 x^2-5x-6=0 (x-6)(x+1)=0 x-6=0 -->x=6 x+1=0 --> x=-1 -6+13=7 (6,7) -(-1)+13=14 (-1,14) it is a straight line and a parabola, there could be 0, 1 or 2 solutions. This one had 2. When in doubt sketch it.