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Function Attribute Detectors

Enter a function f(x) in the input box. Choose an attribute dectector - either value of f(x) or slope of f(x) Start and/or stop the animation by clicking the buttons the f(x) detector will be red when f(x) < 0 and green otherwise the f'(x) detector will be red when f'(x) < 0 and green otherwise [N.B. You can set the range of the animation sweep by dragging the yellow plus sign on the x axis.] Use these data you collect to sketch f(x) and f'(x). To do so click on the pen icon in the toolbar, select a color for your sketch and then draw. You can check the accuracy of your sketch be clicking the 'check' box in the right hand panel. What questions could / would you put to your students based on this applet?