Transversals with Parallel Line Exploration 2

Step 1

In the applet below, a TRANSVERSAL intersects 2 PARALLEL LINES. First, look at the four different pairs of angles by checking the boxes on the right of the applet, then answer the first question.

Step 2

Use the sliders on the right to move the lines and change the angles. As you move the lines use the "Slide Me!" slider to determine how the angles are effected by these changes. After you have tried this several time answer Questions 2 thru 4. NOTE: The two lines intersected by the transversal will remain parallel at all times!

Question 2

Complete the following statement: If a transversal intersects two ________________ ______________, then ________________ _____________________ angles are _____________________.

Question 1

What type of angles are these?

Check all that apply

Question 3

If the gray angle above measures 120 degrees, what would the measure of its same-side interior angle be?

Check all that apply

Question 4

Would your answer remain the same in Question 3 if the lines were not parallel?

Check all that apply