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Factoring Quadratics a other than 1 w/ Box Method

Factor the given quadratic trinomial into two linear binomials. These quadratic trinomials may also have a GCF > 1 which means you may have 3 interesting factors. If you believe there is a GCF > 1, push the GCF button to begin the factoring process. The area model is provided to assist you and the game will check your model as you adjust it. If there is a GCF, be sure to place in the area model the trinomial resulting from removing the GCF from the original trinomial. Though multiplying polynomials is commutative, please reserve the first input box for the GCF for the sake of this game Remember that when you multiply linear binomials using the area model, the terms of the quadratic trinomial show up in predictable places. The quadratic term shows up in the top left and the constant term shows up in the top right. Also remember that this area model has a very special property. When fully assembled both diagonal areas should have the same product, and the sum of the diagonal areas in the top right and bottom left should be equal to the linear term of the trinomial. Using these properties you can figure out what the length and width of the box would have to be and this would result in your two linear binomial factors.