Cartesian Product



To find cartesian product. To find the relation between n(A×B), n(A) and n(B).


Cartesian Product: If A and B are two non-empty sets, then the set of all possible order pairs where first elements are from set A and second elements are from set B is called Cartesian product of A and B, denoted by A ×B. If first elements of order pair are from B and second from A, then the Cartesian product is denoted by B×A. i.e. A×B={(x,y): xA and yB}

Guide lines

1. Click on question to get question. 2. Move slider of circle to get circle for set A and set B with elements. 3. Click on the box of step 1. and step 2. see what happen in diagram and text. 4. Click on box of step 3 and 4 respectively and find the relation between diagram and text. 5.Click on step 5 box. what will be appeared in the applet? 6. Finally verify n(A×B)=n(A)×n(B)