Math Practice

GeoGebra Math Practice

Math Practice is a tool for mastering algebraic notation. It supports students in their step-by-step math work, let's them explore different solution paths, and helps build confidence, fluency, and understanding.

Getting started as a teacher or student

Enhance your skills

Immerse yourself in the world of algebraic problems to fine-tune your mathematical abilities and elevate your skillset

Linear equations

Order of Operations

Algebraic Expressions


Unlocking the key elements

Use interactive notation to build comfort and fluency with algebraic transformations

Get adaptive hints and in-the-moment feedback to explore different solution paths

Get comprehensive help and guidance focused on improving understanding of basic concepts

Explore features


If you require any guidance on how to use GeoGebra Math Practice, explore the articles in our help center.

Guided tutorials

If you are new to using this tool, we offer easy-to-follow guided tutorials.