GeoGebra Book: Learn Notes

Welcome to [url=]GeoGebra Notes[/url]! Learn how to write with your pen, add interactive graphs, create slides with images, videos, websites, PDFs and much more: [list] [*] Write and mark objects with pen and highlighter [*] Insert images, videos, audios and websites [*] Provide texts, tables and equations [*] Create mindmaps and charts [*] Embed a [i]GeoGebra App (Graphing, 3D Calculator, Geometry, CAS, Probability)[/i] [*] Use multiple pages [*] Choose different rulings for the background [*] Select objects and change their size and style [*] Create triangles, lines, circles and rectangles [*] Measure distances and angles [*] Save and share your work with others [/list]


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GeoGebra Book
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3 – 19+
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