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Middle School


Certain, Likely, Unlikely, Impossible Events

Indicate the probability of a chance event with or without models as certain, impossible, more likely, less likely, or neither likely nor unlikely using benchmark probabilities of 0, 1/2, and 1.

Complement of an Event

Determine the complement of an event.

Counting Strategies for Sample Spaces

Determine the sample space for an event using counting strategies (include tree diagrams, permutations, combinations, and the fundamental counting principle).

Frequency Tables, Line Plots and Bar Graphs

Interpret probability models for data from simulations or for experimental data presented in tables and graphs (frequency tables, line plots, bar graphs).

Probabilities in Geometry

Determine a simple probability using geometric figures.

Probability of an Event as Fractions or Ratios

Describe the probability of a chance event using a fraction or ratio.

Probability of Compound Events

Determine the probability of compound events (with and without replacement).

Simulations to Estimate Probabilities of Compound Events

Determine a simulation, such as random numbers, spinners, and coin tosses, to model frequencies for compound events.

Theoretical vs. Experimental Probability

Determine the probability from experimental results or compare theoretical probabilities and experimental results.

Using Theoretical and Experimental Probability to Make Predictions

Make predictions based on theoretical probabilities or experimental results.

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