Learn and practice identifying statistical questions, measuring variability and making predictions from sample data with interactive resources from GeoGebra.

Middle School


Comparing Data Distributions

Compare data and distributions of data, numerical and contextual, to draw conclusions, considering the measures of center and measures of variability.

Identifying Statistical Questions

Recognize that a statistical question is one that will require gathering data that has variability.

Inferences From Samples

Make inferences about a population based on a sample and compare variation in multiple samples.

Linear and Nonlinear Relationships in Data Sets

Identify linear and nonlinear relationships in data sets.

Measures of Variability

Select the appropriate measure of variability; choose a measure of variability based on the presence of outliers, clusters, and the shape of the data distribution.

Observation, Measurement, and Sampling

Describe a data set by its number of observations, what is being measured, and the units of measurement.

Population vs. Sample

Distinguish between a population and a sample and draw conclusions about the sample (random or biased).

Predictions From Samples

Make predictions based on results from surveys and samples.

Quartiles and Interquartile Range of Data

Determine the quartiles or interquartile range for a set of data.

Range of Data Sets

Describe data using the range.

Set Theory

Use set notation to describe domains, ranges, intersection, and union of sets. Identify cardinality of sets, equivalent sets, disjoint sets, complement, or subsets.

Two-way tables

Construct and interpret a two-way table to display two categories of data from the same source.

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