Learn and practice division skills and improve your understanding of dividing numbers and solving division problems with interactive resources from GeoGebra.

Upper Elementary


Division Models

Model division in a variety of ways including sharing equally, repeated subtraction, rectangular arrays, and the relationship with multiplication.

Estimating Products and Quotients

Apply appropriate types of estimation for number and word problems that include estimating products and quotients.

Estimating Quotients of Whole Numbers

Estimate and solve division problems with multi-digit divisors; explain solution.

Interpreting Remainders

Use remainders in problem-solving situations and interpret the remainder with respect to the original problem.

Long Division

Divide using single-digit divisors with and without remainders.

Multiplication and Division Sentences

Write a multiplication or a division sentence to represent a number or word problem; solve.

Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of 10

Recognize and use patterns in powers of ten (with or without exponents) to multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals.

Middle School


Multiplying and Dividing Integers

Model or compute with integers using multiplication or division in number and word problems.

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